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Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of Hydraulic and shaft Mechanical Seal Products. From O-Ring to Bellow Mounted Single Spring Seal Items and to Full Pressure Balanced Cartridges, we cater a variety of Mechanical Seals. Further, Mechanical Seals are available in different specifications to meet the client’s requirement.

We are supplying the Mechanical Seals, designed to conform to all international standards including API – 682, ISO 24960/ 3069 – S, EN – 12756 Etc. Design range of sealing products includes Single/Double/Multiple Seals in Cartridge and Non-Cartridge forms, and in balanced and UN balanced designs. Mechanical Seals cover all applications including Petroleum Crude and Products, Gases like Ammonia, Freon, LPG, Acids and other difficult Liquids.

High temperature seals with METAL BELLOWS are MICRO PLASMA WELDED on Swiss Machinery at low amperes of below 10 amps, creating low temperature fusion of bellow and body parts. (Whereas conventional bellows are TIG welded at over 20 amperes and result in thermal Distortions in seal components) Metal Bellow seals can be supplied with Torsion – Free Drive, Preventing damage to the bellow Element. Complete Range of Seal products Including Pusher- Type Designs (with O-Ring), Rubber Bellow designs, Metal Bellow designs, Split Mechanical Seal designs.

Size ranges from :
  • Below 10mm
  • Shaft Size to Over 165mm.

Pressure Sealed Ranges from :
  • Vacuum to over 56kg/

Temperature Ranges From :
  • -30o C to over 300oC

  • API - 682
  • ISO 24960 / 3069 - S
  • EN - 12756
  • Single/Double/Multiple/ seals in cartridge and Non - Cartridge forms
  • Balanced and Un-balanced designs
  • pusher type design (with O-rings)
  • Rubber Bellow designs
  • Metal bellow designs
  • Spilt mechanical seal designs
Size range
  • Below 10mm shaft size to over 165mm
  • Petroleum
  • Crude Products. Gases Like
  • Ammonia
  • Freon
  • LPG
  • Acids
  • Other difficult & dangerous liquids