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Chemical Process Pump

Chemical Process Pump

We are engaged in manufacturing all kind of Chemical Process Pumps for Acids, Alkalis, Dyes, Seawater and Corrosive Slurries, Hydro Carbons etc. These types of pumps are used for pumping Acids, Dyes, and Hydrocarbons. These Chemical Process Pumps are suitable for hot water recirculation pumping lines in closed loop tank systems. The Jacketed type pumps with heating elements are perfect for handling liquids which turns too viscous or forms crystals at lower temperatures.

This type of ANSI Series is known as an extra heavy duty centrifugal pump for Horizontal, End Suction, and Single Stage. Top centre line discharge with fully open impeller to suit any corrosive liquid and slurry application with back pull out design. This series includes design features to facilitate installation. Maintenance and also maximum dimensional inter changeability. This range covers from 1750 rpm to 3500 rpm with interchangeable mounting dimension, size, location of suction and discharge nozzles, impeller, shaft, base plate and foundation bolt holes etc. They are basically designed as reliable equipment for handling corrosive liquids with or without solid particles.

  • Longer working life
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Superior quality
  • High performance
  • Food industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Sea water desalinations plants
  • Power stations
  • Chemical and Petro - chemical industries
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  • Chemical Process Pump 01

    Chemical Process Pump 01
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    Chemical Process Pump 02
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    Chemical Process Pump 03
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    Chemical Process Pump 04
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    Chemical Process Pump 05